The Vikings Have Landed

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You could call this the second Viking invasion. Vikings are popping up everywhere in popular culture. They have their own TV show, and now they have their own exhibit at the British Museum. And while this doesn't have anything directly to do with Tudors, the Vikings did have a long lasting affect on Britain and British culture. Plus, this is just too cool to pass up.

Photo courtesy of britishmuseum.com

From the 9th through 11th centuries, Viking invasions were a common fear for Britons. The Romans were long gone, the era of the Anglo-Saxons had settled in--establishing a common British culture--and then along came the Vikings. Most of us know that Vikings raided undefended monastaries along the North Sea, Atlantic Coast and the Irish Sea,  but fewer of us know that Vikings actually conquered the Anglo-Saxon nobility and established their own kings on the throne. You can read more about this in the BBC's article on Viking history in Britain.

And here's the good part! If you are in London, or planning a trip there soon, you can also visit the British Museum's Viking Exhibit, running now through June 22nd. The exhibit is a collaboration between the British Museum, The National Museum of Denmark, and the Berlin State Museums (where the exhibit goes next).  

Photo courtesy of Oli Scarff/Getty Images. The surviving parts of an actual Viking warship will be displayed at the British Museum's Viking Exhibit. The surviving timbers represent 20 percent of the ship, and are displayed in a steel frame which reconstructs the original warship.


Visitors to the exhibit will get to see a the surviving framework of a 27-meter-long Viking warship, along with swords, axes,jewelry, amulets, relegious images, and even Viking poetry. Learn more here.


A surviving late 8th or early 9th century Viking sword.  Photo courtesy of Arnold Mikkelson © The National Museum of Denmark

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