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Happy Anniversary to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. They were married January 25, 1533 at Whitehall Palace in London.

Henry and Anne had just returned from a trip to Calais, where Anne was greeted and accepted by the French sovereign, Francis I. His wife, Queen Eleanor, however, refused to meet Anne, who she considered a mistress. It was likely that Anne was already pregnant at this time. Henry's divorce was not yet final, but Anne's pregnancy was reason to put proceedings in high gear. By May 23 of that year, Thomas Cranmer (named Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532) declared Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon invalid, annointed Anne Boleyn queen of England on June 1, and by September 1, Princess Elizabeth was born. 


A proposed blueprint of Whitehall Palace, completed by Inigo Jones in 1638. (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons).  Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn at Whitehall on January 25, 1533. It is likely that the two were secretly married prior to this. The two began living as man and wife after their return from France where they met with King Francis I. Anne was most likely already pregnant at the time of this second wedding.

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