Calais Falls to the French

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Queen Mary 1 of England is remembered and judged by history as Blood Mary, the English queen who brought the Spanish Inquisition to England. But she judged herself for other reasons...losing Calais to the French.



On her deathbed, Mary reportedly said, "When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais written on my heart." Calais had been the last English foothold in France, all previous territories once conquered by Henry V already lost and gone. Calais was lost when Queen Mary ordered English troops to assist the Spanish in their war against the French. Mary was married to King Philip, the sovereign of Spain. The problem was...England hated the Spanish, they didn't want to fight for King Philip, and when Calais was lost it only heightened Mary's unpopularity with her subjects. The fall of Calais happend January 5, 1558. Read more about Queen Mary, her unhappy life, and her very unpopular marriage.

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