St. John's Day

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Happy St. John's Day! Also known as The Feast Day of St. John and Midsummer Day. Traditionally celebrated throughout Europe, June 24th is recognized by the Catholic church as a holy day, celebrating the birth of St. John the Baptist. 

While an official Catholic saint's day, the day began as a pagan celebration of the Summer Solstice. In medieval Europe, cultures would celebrate St. John/Midsummer by lighting huge bonfires on St. John's Eve (from which comes the term St. John's Fire), followed by feasts and celebrations the next day. In England, most of these traditions died out after the Reformation, but the day is still celebrated in other European countries, particularly in rural areas. Shakespeare captures the revelry of this day in Midsummers Night's Dream (which also takes inspriation from the European celebrations of May Day).

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