Happy Father's Day to Henry VII

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Tudorsource.com wishes a Happy Father's Day to all the fabulous dads out there. And while the Tudor universe is not filled with examples of inspiring fatherhood (Thomas Bolyen pimping out his daughters, Henry VIII persecuting or killing the mothers of his chldren, etc.), we will take the time to honor Henry VII on this Father's Day.

While he might not have been a great father, he was certainly a savvy one. He created wealth for the royal family, lived long enough for the Tudors to become the established royal family of England, and created a foreign policy of diplomacy over war. In pursuit of that peace, he did his best to marry his children into the finest royal houses of Europe, and in doing so created an impressive resume of royal heirs.

He was a father to one king, Henry VIII, and two queens––Margaret was married to King James IV of Scotland and Mary was married to Kind Louis XII of France. He was also grandfather to a king and two queens of England––Edward IV, Mary I and Elizabeth I. He was the great-grandfather to Mary Queen of Scots (also a queen of France), and great-great grandfather to her son, James VI of Scotland, also known as James I of England. It was through James that the countries of Scotland and England were finally united into one kingdom, which had been Henry VII's plan all along when he married his daughter Margaret to the king of Scotland. And while it took longer than expected, and didn't happen as planned, it still happened. And for that, Henry gets our father of the year award (chosen from an admittedly weak field).

Henry VII's victory at Bosworth Field ushered in the Tudor Dynasty, and one of the most remarkable eras in English history. Read more about Henry's life and his reign here.

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